Big thank you to everyone who came out for our Santa Cruz, San Francisco, or Mill Valley shows! We had a fantastic time! Special thanks to our new friend John Fullbright for letting us dust of the stage for him, and our old friends Jackie Greene for being awesome. Here are some photos to enjoy!!

                  The Slinker….The Bollwinkel….And the Claws


                                 Being regal


                              Jesus’ Green Room


                        Our cool friend Jackie Greene


                Lasers and magic stars at Sweet Water Music Hall




             Have a great rest of the week everyone! Love ya,


Communion San Francisco!

Dear Bay Area Friends,

We hope you’ll join honeymoon on May 7th for a fabulous night of music at Cafe Du Nord, brought to you by the good people of Communion and our friends at Folkyeah. We strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance for this show as it is likely to sell out very quickly! We hope to see you there for some sweet sounds and lots of fun.

Communion, the brainchild of Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett, his close ally Kevin Jones, and renowned producer Ian Grimble, formed in London in 2006 and has become the U.K.’s most revered live music promotions team. This new monthly show at Cafe Du Nord/Swedish American Hall, part of its hotly anticipated move into the U.S, features a different lineup each month and offers emerging, developing and established artists a creative platform to perform in an environment that embraces collaboration and mutual support. Look for Communion the first Monday of each month in collaboration with Folkyeah Presents.

Check out these great photos, taken by our friend Jay Blakesberg! They were taken at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, where honeymoon opened for Jackie Greene on March 10th, 2012.


Hi! Sara B-Winkel here bringing you a little bit of honeymoon hot-goss. First of all….we would like to cordially (just had to google how to spell cordially)  invite you to join Lauren Shera as she shares the stage with The David Mayfield Parade tonight at Hotel Utah in San Francisco! Never been to Hotel Utah? Well you haven’t lived. It’s like seeing a show inside of a pirate ship…permission to wear block striping.  Lauren hits the stage around 9:00 pm..always good to obsessively check for more info. Can’t get enough Hotel Utah? We can’t either!! Check out Christina Bailey & The Civil Men this Sunday at Hotel Utah, Christina will be up at 9:00 pm. What else is going on?? We are announcing some honeydates tomorrow morning at 10:00 am on our facebook (if we remember to do it)…..that’s what is going on.

Other News: Lauren’s recording has been nothing but magic at Gadgetbox Studios and word has it her instagram photo updates are also fantastic…hop on the friend train. Our Christina is a songwriting machine…for herself…for other projects…for your mom…seriously if you ask her to sing for your mom…she probably will. BAM!

Christina and I (Sara…in case you forgot who was blogging this) went to Radiohead & Other Lives last night and here is my stream of consciousness report describing the experience. 

"Thom Yorke is a Richard Simmons dancing machine, epic projection failure, Thom forgot the lyrics to "Climbing Up The Walls" but luckily I was there to help him with the words…Other Lives is the new black… how do I audition for their band?….seeing radiohead never ever EVER gets old for me…add "write timeless songs" to my list of things to take care of….there was a dude in a cat suit in line to get scotch…I did get a poster before they sold out….in n out burger saves. "

Before I go I need to know what everyone is going to do with their hair this summer…feel free to send us photos…Our summer hair do’s are quickly approaching yall.

I started playing “Draw Something” with the band and now I hate it…so I am going to stop now…but here is a picture of something I just drew for you on real paper with a pen and not a finger. If you are lucky..maybe we will post a picture of a horse that we made Matt Bollwinkel draw with his eyes closed next week.


Check out this sweet picture Christina took of Lauren, myself and Mattie taking a  picture of some strangers. #doublerainbow  <3 Sara    


New website!

We’re really really excited about our new site, and hope you’ll get more connected with us as we get ready to announce new tour dates and exciting band news!!! Take a look around, make yourself at home…

honeymoon Pinterest

Confession - The three of us have been obsessed with Pinterest for… a while now. Can you blame us? Where else can you relive your grade school collaging days without peeling elmers glue off your fingers for days after? Where else can you get great ideas on how to pack your lunch, or make exotic drinks? Pinterest, that’s where. We love it so much, we’ve started pinning collectively as honeymoon. Yes! FOLLOW US and check out our favorite restaurants on the road, favorite venues, cocktails we make at rehearsals, images that inspire us..on and on. We just started, so our boards are a little sparse, so if you need a little eye candy check out our individual Pinterest pages… LAUREN, SARA, CHRISTINA

Happy Pinning!